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                                            ERS Platform

"Fourth Wave" Society and its partners are drafting a model of Electronic Rheostat System, “ERS” Platform. This would be a tool that will create a transparent system of delegation of supporters and needed parties.

The ERS Platform is an online software package with a shared mapping system. One of its strongest features is the way data is easily filtered in the database and then dynamically layered on the common mapping tool – allowing users to filter, select and display whichever data they want to compare and analyze. For example, a user could simply look at the status of their activities on the basic map. Or, a user could select the maps showing the density of refugees and pattern of deprivation, and overlay where livelihood projects that address these issues are being carried out by the UN, National NGOs, Ukrainian government etc. This tool can help visualize if the targeting is correct, and where are the critical gaps (or overlaps) in livelihood programming. And the user can check, in the same tool, to see which donor has committed what funding, when and to whom, for Livelihoods programming.

As of today one of UN’ project in Ukraine helped 3.2 mln people, Kyiv Oblast Administration helped 100,000 people, NGO LPL Project helped 22 families and so on… The issue that lays here: funds being distributed, with no communication among each other, no national wide transparent system that people can have the access to. As a result we have a risk that help can be distributed unevenly among people, who requiring the aid, masses of people has no trust to its Government, National and International Donors and NGO’. In today’s reality, no connection between those 3.2 mln, 100,000 and 22 families are established. Outcome that one person can receive similar help from few donors and other person receives nothing!!! The ERS platform is the key to avoid the overlapping any aid the person is receiving, and this information is distributed publicly, but without viewing the personal information!


*”ERS” Platform is the project of “From War to Peace” Mission initiated by Ukrainian Canadian Reformation of Personality “Fourth Wave” Society.





Ruslan Viksich

Representetive in Ukraine

Ukrainian Canadian Reformation of Personality

“Fourth Wave” Society

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