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The war in Ukraine is exhausting every soldier, and lots of those people will be in the market for a job soon. But finding one in this economy can be hard, especially for post traumatic person. “WorkForce” project is trying to build the chain of organizations and business that is able to help.

Please became a partner by filling up your profile and we will find the way to cooperate for the only goal to help those who protected our homes!



Fourth Wave Society initializing the Work Force Project, and asking Ukrainians Activists and International community to become a partner in it. All of us can create a base for Ukrainian Government, the Department of Human Services in particular to help veterans in getting the work place and be able to support their families.


We would provide opportunity for the Department of Human Services to be able to deliver a variety of payments and services for jobseekers on behalf of the Department of Social Services, the Department of Employment and the Department of Education.


These programs are aimed at assisting people to work towards becoming self-sufficient through work, study and training. Veterans in particular, are encouraged to undertake reeducation if needed, and set long-term career goals.


The department already has specialist officers to assist eligible veterans planning to continue their study or training, including referrals to employment service providers for assistance with apprenticeships and training programs, or services offered by other departments and agencies where appropriate. Yet, the situation in Ukraine can not allowed for “Work Force” project to start the take off without our help.

One of the way to participate in the projects is to take a part in “Adopt the Soldier” Project. Helping, veterans and soldiers, those who are ready to hit the work force, and help the employer to pay the salary, with the minimum amount of $50,00 per month.


More information about the range of government payments and services, and donor rules of participation will be available at: and www